The SSMC is one of the top medical establishments in Cambodia. Supplied

Sing-Specialists Medical Centre: Bringing Singapore’s medical expertise to Cambodia

Sing-Specialists Medical Centre (SSMC) is a new medical facility in Phnom Penh offering medical services to the community since its opening in September 2020. SSMC aims to build trust with patients by having qualified clinicians to achieve the best health outcomes, giving quality care by having modern equipment and providing personalized healthcare services for patients and their families.

SSMC is a one-stop medical center providing advanced and fully equipped radiology diagnostics, general medical advice for both acute and chronic conditions, and specialized holistic services for kidney and heart patients. Our general practitioners (GPs) provide primary, comprehensive, and continuing medical care for patients in the community.

Our services include:

  • Acute and chronic disease management such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol
  • Lifestyle and weight management
  • Men’s health such as erectile dysfunction and prostate disorders
  • Women’s health such as breast examination, Pap smear and HPV screening
  • Children’s health such as child vaccination and developmental assessment
  • Executive and pre-employment health screening
  • Minor surgical procedures and wound care
  • Specialized cardiac screening and diagnostics

We also provide specialized hemodialysis facilities for outpatients with chronic or acute chronic renal failure requiring treatment.

Sing-Specialists Medical Centre is equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment. Supplied

Having our foundations built on longstanding relationships with Singapore public and private hospitals, SSMC is also the official Representative of Singapore Parkway Pantai Group of Hospitals, such as Mt. Elizabeth Hospitals and Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. This means, SSMC can offer the most direct fast-track access to more than 2,500 medical specialists in Singapore, when necessary and required by patients.

SSMC sees the importance of improving the medical excellence of Cambodian doctors, nurses, and allied health workers overtime. Together with local partners, SSMC wants to create opportunities for upskilling of the local medical workforce at all levels. This would include advanced training and fellowships for Cambodian allied professionals and specialists with reputable Singapore and other international medical institutions. Since the beginning of 2019, Parkway Hospitals Singapore and SSMC have been organizing Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions for medical doctors in Cambodia to share knowledge and experience with fellow and overseas medical specialists.

Besides sharing medical professional knowledge, SSMC also organizes free public health talks regularly with medical experts from Singapore, educating the public more about preventive and pro-active health care. More importantly, SSMC wishes to empower patients with information about health and well-being, improving their quality of life and managing diseases better. With the vision of nurturing more healthcare professionals and being able to detect health issues for patients early through preventive actions and proactive healthcare, SSMC works hard to be the healthcare partner of choice for individuals and the community-enhancing better and healthier living.