A reliable health partner for the Kingdom’s people

Singapore has been hailed as the fourth healthiest country in the world and first in Asia, thanks to its excellent medical system.

Given these, it comes as no surprise why the “Lion City” has become one of Cambodians’ top destinations for health checkups and treatments.

However, such time-consuming, not to mention money-draining, measures may now no longer be necessary as the sought-after Singaporean medical services can now be easily accessed in the Kingdom with the entry of Sing-Specialists Medical Centre.

SSMC is a first-rate medical facility in the downtown central district of Phnom Penh and has been at the heart of the provision of top-notch medical care, boosting reliable quality healthcare services, promising an exceptional and hands-on patient care experience.

Mr. Peter Ng Meng Cheng, group chairman of SSMC and who has contributed to the health and business community of Cambodia for the last 3 decades says that many are now seeing the value of accessing and paying for quality healthcare, especially with the growth of the average disposable household income in the country.

“Many people have traveled to neighboring countries before and seen quality healthcare in Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam.

They would be willing to pay for better services if those are made available closer to home and offered at reasonable prices,” he says. “This is where we hope we can do our part in bringing Singapore medical standards and services to Cambodia.”

Opening its doors soon, SSMC has become a one-stop medical center that provides advanced and fully equipped radiology diagnostics, general medical advice for both acute and chronic conditions, and specialized holistic services for kidney, heart, and cancer patients.

“Given the high proportion of patients with long-term chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases and cancer in Cambodia, SSMC’s family medicine approach focuses on delivering primary and continuing care for entire families through coordination with specialists and other comprehensive healthcare services,” Mr. Peter Ng says.

“Our mission is to go beyond medicine to provide a one-stop health hub for patients and to establish an enabling platform for local health professionals to achieve medical excellence,” he adds.

In addition to its excellent services, which even include lifestyle and weight management, SSMC is also giving patients comprehensive reviews of their conditions through its SSMC Chronic Care Team, formed by outstanding and ethical GP doctors, specialists and nurses.

“Given our longstanding relationships with Singapore public and private hospitals, we are also the official representative of Parkway Pantai Group of Hospitals, such as Mr. Elizabeth and Gleneagles in Singapore,” Mr. Peter Ng says.

“This means that SSMC can offer you the most direct fast-track access to more than 2,500 medical specialists in Singapore, when necessary to seek second opinions.”

Also, even before its opening, SSMC, in cooperation with Parkway Hospitals Singapore since 2019, has been hosting Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions for medical doctors in Cambodia to share knowledge and experience with fellow and overseas medical specialists.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SSMC has already prepared itself to help the Kingdom and its people to fight the deadly virus.

“We are ready to support the Ministry of Health on any public awareness, testing, and referral programs for COVID-19,” Mr. Peter Ng says.

“Meanwhile, community primary care services such as those provided by SSMC have become important lines of defense during public health outbreaks, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We hope to be recognised as a specialist outpatient center in Cambodia, earning the trust of the Cambodian people that we can provide reliable high-quality medical services affordably,” he adds.